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22 Dec 2014 - We wish you all the best for the holiday season. Please note that we have limited staff available during this period - but if you have an issue or enquiry, please contact us via the usual channels and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
19 Dec 2014 - If you would like to disable Real Time (Interactive) Patient Claims, go to Accounting Screen -> Links Menu -> Configure Online Claiming, and untick Interactive Patient Claims, then restart Medilink. You must do this on all computers that raise billing.
17 Dec 2014 - Please be aware that in the new version of Medicare Online, patient claims are being sent 'interactively' (on the spot) by default. You may be asked if you want to submit claims for later assessment, in most cases we suggest YES (but please read the message that Medicare returns). Patient claims that are submitted in error can be fixed after transmission via the Online Menu->Same Day Delete.
16 Dec 2014 - As you may have noticed, Medicare Online has been down/slow for over a day now (this also affects Easyclaim/ECLIPSE). The MSIA is asking Medicare for more information regards this as the problem seems to be ongoing. If you have issues transmitting claims, please store and forward them later where appropriate, or simply re-raise the claims at a later time.
16 Dec 2014 - Please be aware that an extremely large volume of support calls are coming through our offices (due to the update) and you may not get through to us directly. We are prioritising urgent support at this stage, but will get back to you as soon as possible. In some cases it may be better for you to put non-urgent support queries in email format, as they can be answered after hours.
11 Dec 2014 - The update has now been released. You should now have the email, instructions can be found here:
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