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2027 ERROR
3 Jul 2015 - Medicare have advised us at 12:55 that they have had a problem overnight and the payment and processing reports for bulk bill batches assessed & paid are currently not available (error 2027 - report not available). They are working on a fix; you should be able to receive these reports on Monday.
2 Jul 2015 - Our head office in Brisbane was unavailable this afternoon due to an unforeseen outage. This has affected our ability to answer support enquiries, and the Medilink & Fee Updates system would not have worked as intended. We apologise for any inconvenience.
2 Jul 2015 - Be aware that installing ATO software may require a Java update to v8, which in turn may automatically remove the version of Java that Medicare Online requires (v6). This can be re-installed by running C:\Medilink32bnt\MedilinkUpdate\jre-6u26-windows-i586-s.exe and rebooting your PC (you only need to do this on affected PCs). If you continue to have issues please contact support.
30 Jun 2015 - The 2015 R1 update is available for NON-EHR users (if you use EHR please wait for notice). Instructions:
30 Jun 2015 - Some of the fees are now available (we are still waiting on DVA and some funds). Instructions:
23 Jun 2015 - We're getting reports from clients that Tyro and/or Easyclaim is having network issues. UPDATE: Tyro have notified that there was an outage on the 23rd but this is now fixed. If you continue to have Network Errors on your Tyro terminal please contact Tyro on 1300 966 639
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