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28 July 2015 - You may be considering updating to Windows 10. Our testing of the preview versions of Windows 10 has been successful, but we are withholding official endorsement pending testing of a retail version. Additionally you should discuss with your general IT support provider and third party software vendors regards their advice.
22 July 2015 - We have noticed a recent spate of practices infected with a very serious VIRUS. The difference is a RANSOM is demanded, the virus is called CryptoWall. News media has had warnings of its existence for a few months now. Please discuss this security risk with your IT support people to first ensure your back-up is operational, anti-virus is up to date, and your practice is suitably protected.
16 Jul 2015 - We have some more information regards July 2015 fees. NIB and HCF Known-Gap schedules are now available (see guide for HCF Known-Gap). Regards DVA & MPL it is becoming apparent that they are not releasing July 2015 fees. Import instructions:
2027 ERROR
3 Jul 2015 - Medicare have advised us at 12:55 that they have had a problem overnight and the payment and processing reports for bulk bill batches assessed & paid are currently not available (error 2027 - report not available). They are working on a fix; you should be able to receive these reports on Monday.
2 Jul 2015 - Our head office in Brisbane was unavailable this afternoon due to an unforeseen outage. This has affected our ability to answer support enquiries, and the Medilink & Fee Updates system would not have worked as intended. We apologise for any inconvenience.
2 Jul 2015 - Be aware that installing ATO software may require a Java update to v8, which in turn may automatically remove the version of Java that Medicare Online requires (v6). This can be re-installed by running C:\Medilink32bnt\MedilinkUpdate\jre-6u26-windows-i586-s.exe and rebooting your PC (you only need to do this on affected PCs). If you continue to have issues please contact support.
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