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Medilink Support
20-Feb-17 - Our main office in Brisbane is currently experiencing an internet outage (outside of our control). This is impacting our ability to provide support, and response times may be longer than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the issue rectified soon. Update: Resolved.
AHSA Jan Fees
16-Jan-17 - There is a small fee update available specifically due to the AHSA fee changes. If you do ECLIPSE billing, run the fee updater to install; instructions and FAQ here:
Medilink Staff Changes
13-Jan-17 - We say farewell to Casey today and wish him well in his future endeavours! We also welcome Zijian and Jason to our team. We will be introducing them in more detail in our upcoming newsletter.
Christmas 2016
23-Dec-16 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at the Medilink team! Please note that there will be reduced support staff available for the following week.
HPOS Certificates
14-Dec-16 - You may have received a letter and disk from Medicare recently. They have mass sent these to users of their HPOS system as it is changing. These are individual provider certificates and are not used for Medilink or Medicare Online purposes. They have instructions with the letter and disk, but you should contact Medicare for further instructions on how to install these certificates.
Dec Newsletter
08-Dec-16 - Our latest newsletter is available here:
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