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July Fees
30-Jun-16 - July fees are available. Paid up MDS members should click here for instructions and more info. Update 18th July: Some funds have released July 2016 fees but DVA and other funds have not. If you update your fees again they will be on the latest version available.
Hicaps EX Error
27-Jul-16 - Hicaps have a fix for the Easyclaim EX error some users were getting on their new terminals. This update has been rolled out to terminals. If it continues to happen please contact Hicaps.
Medicare Down
23-Jul-16 - Medicare is experiencing another degradation of service today and as a result you may not be able to submit claims. Medicare Online Patient Claims will be able to be stored and forwarded later. You can check the status of Medicare Online here.
Medibank Private
11-Jul-16 - If you are having problems with Medibank Private patients changing to Medibank Private Overseas Students click here for workaround instructions and more info.
Trend Micro
22-Jun-16 - A number of users who have Trend Micro are having issues with Medilink not running. Trend Micro is quarantining the C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI file restoring this file should fix the problem.
2016 R2 Update
20-Jun-16 - The 2016 R2 Update is now available. If you have paid your invoice you will have received a notification email about this. If you have not received that invoice or want to book a time to do the update, please email
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