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July Fee Update
12-Jul-2017 - The July MBS & DVA Fee Update is now available to download for MDS subscribers. Instructions here: or alternatively, make a booking for us to assist here: . ECLIPSE users, we are yet to source some fund fee updates, you may need to re-run this update later in the month.
Tyro Down
30-Aug-2017 - Tyro may be down for some clients. More info here: - Update: Tyro advises the problem now resolved. If you continue to have problems please call Tyro support on 1300 966 639.
Public Holiday
16-Aug-2017 - Wednesday is a public holiday in Brisbane (our main office). We will be operating with reduced support staff, and prioritising urgent enquiries. Please delay non-urgent requests and/or email
29-Jul-2017 - Medicare have advised that there are currently issues with submitting claims via their ECLIPSE channel (health fund claims). If you encounter problems, please submit these claims later. Status:
Update: Fixed.
Tyro Down
27-Jul-2017 - Tyro POS Integration is currently down, which means that Tyro and Medilink won't work at the moment. Tyro are looking in to the problem and will fix asap. More info here:
Update: Tyro have said the problem is fixed. You may have to restart your EFTPOS terminals and Medilink.
Virus Information
29-Jun-2017 - A recent ransomware cyber attack has been hitting businesses globally. The attack is an important reminder that we all need to ensure we are well protected against such threats. Please contact your IT provider if you have any queries/concerns regarding your antivirus security.
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