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SMS Issue
21-Apr-17 - IntelliSMS/Vodafone are currently having issues. Your SMS appointment reminders may not be reaching patients. They are working on a fix. Update: now resolved.
AIR Vaccines
31-Mar-17 - Practices who are reporting immunisations via the Medilink AIR module (formerly ACIR) can update their vaccine lists via:
Brisbane Weather Warning
30-Mar-17 - Staff in our Brisbane head office are leaving early today due to weather warning. We will stagger this, but it will slightly impact our abilities to provide support. Update: back to business as usual.
MIMS Update
03-Mar-17 - MIMS have identified a problem with their March 2017 data download supplied to you. MIMS subscribers should follow the steps in this link to re-apply the revised update: Update: the April update is now available via the standard method, which supercedes this advice.
Amazon Outage
02-Mar-17 - The Amazon Web Services (AWS) outages over the last 24 hours is impacting our ability to provide remote support and even to take phonecalls. Emailing is the most reliable way to reach us at the moment. Update: Resolved
Medilink Support
20-Feb-17 - Our main office in Brisbane is currently experiencing an internet outage (outside of our control). This is impacting our ability to provide support, and response times may be longer than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the issue rectified soon. Update: Resolved.
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