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2017 R1 Update
19-May-17 - The 2017 R1 Update is now available to MDS subscribers.
If you did not receive an email or are unsure about your MDS status, please contact
Click here for a full feature list:
Self-update instructions are here:
If you would like our support team to assist with your update, please make a booking here:
19-May-17 - We have had multiple reports of Medicare Online issues of late, which have turned out to be Java 6 problems. Java 6 is an older version, but Medicare require it specifically. To fix you may have to remove other Java 6 installs and then reinstall Java 6 (we ship an installer here: c:\medilink32bnt\MedilinkUpdate\jre-6u26-windows-i586-s.exe).
Medicare Down
17-May-17 - Medicare is experiencing a degradation of service this afternoon. If you have problems submitting Medicare Online claims please use the Forward option later today/tomorrow. Interactive Patient claims will be automatically stored in these cases. Easyclaim users may also be affected as these claims cannot be stored, users of this system may have to provide paper receipts and/or use Medicare Online.
Update: Medicare is back up and running as usual.
Cyber Security
15-May-17 - You may have seen the recent spate of cyber extortion attacks that have been in the media. Now would be a good time to check with your general IT provider to ensure you have adequate backup and anti-virus solutions in place. Staff should be reminded to be extra careful with regards opening email attachements. If you are infected with this virus, call your general IT provider immediately to restore backups (we can not help you with this matter).
Kaspersky vs Medicare
11-May-17 - A number of practices using Kaspersky A/V have had their Java 6 installations removed. Medicare require this version of Java specifically - without it, Medicare Online won't work. We are enquiring with Kaspersky about the issue. Java 6 can be re-installed via: c:\medilink32bnt\medilinkupdate\jre-6u26-windows-i586-s.exe
Update: WebRoot may also be affected by this.
Public Holiday
01-May-17 - Monday is a public holiday in Brisbane (our main office). We will be operating with reduced support staff, and prioritising urgent enquiries. Please delay non-urgent requests until Tuesday and/or email
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