Scanning & Document Management

Sick of losing or misplacing files, tied of filing or finding files (Patient or Administration files) or do you need more space for filing, forget the high cost and inefficiencies of filing systems these issues / PROBLEMS can be easily solved with either of the following integrated software packages.

Medilink provides an inexpensive cost effective solution to view files across your network. If however your site is using a MS Server environment you may need third party software to allow your workstation connected scanner to access remotely your Server.

Regardless, Medilink allows for Patient documents to be filed quickly and easily by Searching for a Patient in the normal manner within Medilink and then simply click on the Scan button, View or Import buttons.. Smart, intelligent, and very efficient filing systems – Medilink’s optional module should suffice for most Practice needs. However we offer the following choices:-


  • Redmap provides a range of specialised products for the purpose. Medilink integrates with two of their core products many years ago ManageEzy and ManagePoint. For further details go to:

  • MEDILINK Scanning and Document Management module

  • Whilst our philosophy has always been – “why reinvent the wheel ...” we have recently concluded that in our area of expertise and in particular us having very good understanding of the needs of our clients and the medical practice market, that whilst the Redmap product is very good in the main it is somewhat of an over-kill for the majority of practices and its cost and ongoing cost for many can be hard to justify. Given these facts we have produced our own low cost alternative module. For further details – click here.
  • Medical Transcription Service

    Looking for a way to access experienced medical typists? Quickly? Easily?

    Using transcription services provides the following benefits:

    • Quick, secure access to quality medical typists
    • Web based, centralised document management
    • 24/7 Anywhere/Anytime availability
    • Ideal for Remote, Branch Home access
    • 24/36 Hour TAT or sooner
    • No software licences or maintenance
    • Simple per line fee structure
    • Electronic filing and document delivery

    How It Works

    Using transcription is simple!

    • Simply attach your Olympus digital recorder to the USB port.
    • Dictation is detected and uploaded.
    • Hub-based, direct connections are secured with SSL/128 bit encryption .
    • Transcriptions are available within 24/36 hours or sooner.
    • Web based Review/Edit/Print.
    • Simple document routing and work-flow.
    • Documents can be delivered electronically to the practice and to external referring doctors.
    • Medilinkxp automates the filing into the patient record.

    Click here to contact Medilink regarding medical transcription services.

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